Property Tax Credits & Exemptions

Below is the list of credits and exemptions offered through the Guthrie County Assessor’s Office. Please click on the Iowa Department of Revenue link at the bottom for further information regarding individual eligibility, filing requirements & applications.

  • Ag Land Credit
  • Barn and One-Room School House
  • Data Center Business Property Exemption
  • Disabled and Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit/Rent Reimbursement
  • Disabled Veteran Homestead Credit
  • Family Farm Land Credit
  • Forest and Fruit Tree Reservations Exemption
  • Geothermal Exemption
  • Historic Property Rehabilitation
  • Homestead Credit
  • Impoundment Structures Exemption
  • Indian Housing Authority
  • Industrial Property, Research-Service Facilities, Warehouses, Distribution Centers and Cattle Facilities Exemption
  • Low-Rent Housing Exemption
  • Methane Gas Conversion Property Exemption
  • Military Exemption
  • Native Prairie/Wetlands Exemption
  • Natural Conservation and Wildlife Areas Exemption
  • Pollution Control and Recycling Exemption
  • Religious, Educational and Charitable Property Exemption
  • Speculative Shell Buildings Exemption
  • Urban Revitalization Exemption
  • Web Search Portal Exemption
  • Wildlife Habitat Exemption
  • Wind Energy Property Exemption

Iowa Department of Revenue